Sliding Scale $20-$40
you decide
plus one time $10 intake fee
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Olympic Mountains & Vashon Island from the ferry

Come relax and heal in a community setting where each person receives attention tailored to their specific needs.  In a community acupuncture clinic everyone receives an individual treatment yet rests together in the same room.  There is soothing music and natural sounds playing.  Talking is done in whispers and is brief.  You may notice a group “energy field” that becomes part of the healing atmosphere.

The pricing is structured with a sliding scale so you can decide what to pay and you do not need to provide income verification.  It can be a different amount each time so you can pay less at times you need to come more often.  This allows people to get as much acupuncture as they need or want at an affordable rate.  At the first visit there is a health and informed consent form to fill out.  The "Invisible Receptionist" is a simple system that allows you to pay quickly when you come in and then focus on your healing. 

See the "Map/Hours" , near the post office.

Last appointment is at the closing time listed.


Please note the booking system says the appointment is 15 minutes,

really it is about an hour.


Here are some tips for your treatment:

  • Wear comfortable clothes that make it easy to access elbows and knees.


  • It's good to have a little something in your stomach prior to treatment.


  • Embrace the silence.  There will be other patients in the treatment room during your session. Keeping noise to a minimum is beneficial for everyone's healing.


voice msg/text: 707-267-7858
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