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At your first appointment, you’ll start with some paperwork to get a health history and we’ll have a short discussion about your main health concern.  Then I'll direct you to a recliner in the treatment area. Put your shoes, socks, and other personal items into the bin by your chair, recline it back and I will be around shortly with the needles.  Usually you relax with the needles in for about 30 to 45 minutes.  I encourage everyone to pay attention to their own needs regarding how long they will rest with needles.  When you feel ready or “cooked” open your eyes and look my way, nod your head, or catch my eye and I’ll be over to take your needles out.


You may notice a soft “buzzing” in your body

or you might fall asleep (what we call an acu-nap). Let me know if you need to leave by a certain time and I will make sure you are ready by then. Generally the acupuncture points used will be on your lower legs and arms, but sometimes the best points are on your head or ears.  The point combinations I like have been used for many years all over the world. After your treatment I’ll recommend a course of treatments, which will give you an idea of the frequency of your visits and when you can expect to see results.


Acupuncture works best in a series of treatments.  

While one session may bring some relief, to get lasting effects it takes consistent, frequent acupuncture.  How often you receive acupuncture and for how long depends on a few things. What the condition is, how severe, and how long it has been going on are all part of determining how much acupuncture you will need.  We’ll figure out together what will work best for you and adjust as needed.


At Island Points you can get acupuncture for many health concerns.  

Acupuncture works in ways that medical science does not yet fully understand but there is plenty of clinical evidence that it helps the majority of people feel better.  Our bodies are amazing in their ability to heal and rejuvenate themselves when conditions are helpful. Many symptoms and conditions may be caused by blockage or stuckness and acupuncture is very good at getting things moving again thus allowing healing to proceed.  Keep in mind I am not a primary care doctor.  I am not trained to interpret lab results or evaluate specific symptoms the way a medical doctor would.  I encourage you to take charge of your health and see the appropriate type of practitioner.  

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